.Geminids Meteor Shower.

12/12/12 The very last day we ever gonna see this beautiful coupling dates :)
Are you looking forward for 20/12/2012 also?hehehehe…
And also.. tomorrow night till dawn is the last day of meteor shower happens in 2012.
Yes..The posting today I’m just gonna make the excitement about ..meteor shower!!!
Remember meteor garden? the drama that very hits back then..
I still wondering what’s the relation between the drama and meteor shower..

So back to topic..what’s so special about Geminids meteor shower? It can be seen everywhere in the world! But in some *cough* condition of course :) .
This meteor shower gets the name “Geminids” because it appears to radiate from the constellation Gemini. This meteor shower is the favorite and famous because the bright radiant and the slow motion..so we can enjoy the moment for some seconds.

Asteroid 3200 Phaethon

(3200) Asteroid Phaethon

For observers in the Southern Hemisphere, the Geminid radiant never climbs far above the horizon, and this considerably reduces the number of Geminid meteors you are likely to see. Nevertheless, on the night of maximum, it is possible to see 20 meteors per hour coming up from the northern horizon. There are other, weaker meteor showers going on around the same time as the Geminids, but the best way to know if the meteor you see is a Geminid is to mentally trace the meteor backwards. If you end up at Gemini then you have probably seen a Geminid meteor!

Prepare Indonesia.. the best time to watch this on 2012..(taken from spacedex)

Best hours to observe: 08.00PM – 03.00 AM (WIB) / 09.00pm – 04.30am (WITA)
Peak: Night of Dec 13 to morning of Dec 14
Best: Nights of December 13, 14
Shower rate: 40-60 per hour

Moon Forecast: New Moon
Moon phase is perfect for gazing at the Geminids meteor shower. The peak of this shower coincides with a New Moon, so there will be no moonlight.


Yayyy!! this 2012 the meteor shower will coincide with new moon..(not twilight series I’m talking about). So we can observe and see the shooting stars more conveniently. A little bit pesimistic because this morning was raining :( ..I wish I’m on the field right now *sigh~ Be careful of the weather and wind condition..you may check in BMKG.

TIPS to watch..
So, what’s the condition for us to see this?
1. Here’s the first thing – the main thing – you need to know to become as proficient as the experts at watching meteors is.. a dark sky. :D
2. Place / location…You can comfortably watch meteors from many places such as your back yard or deck, the hood of your car, the side of a road, well the best place maybe beach or mountain where there’s no light polution from the city.
3. Equipment…Be sure to dress warmly enough. Consider a blanket ,perhaps a reclining lawn chair, a thermos with a hot drink, binoculars for gazing along the pathway of the summer Milky Way. BUT the best to watch meteor shower is look at the sky with naked eyes ;) .
4. Take your friends with you..the more the merrier :) . So you wont get bored either.

Another tips you can find it on earthsky.org.

And what if you’re too lazy to get up from ur bed? Just go ONLINE!! NASA provide sreaming for us to see it from ur monitor or phone :)
Click this link for streaming tonight..

by Babak Tafreshi (Astrophotographer)

by Babak Tafreshi (Astrophotographer)

Beside star gazer, photographer may capture this moment too :) (pls tell me / comment if you succeed made one).
I read there’s single shoot technique with long exposure time and also multiexposure technique that stacking the pictures.
I hope my digicam enough to take the picture..well I’m not too optimistic. Since I dont know will I wake up all night just to ‘hunt’ this moment..hihihi :D.

Here’s a tips from national geographic forum for those photographer to capture the meteor shower event. Happy hunting !! :)
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